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Scheduled / Routed


Improve your productivity by letting AIP Delivery & Medical Logistics handle your regular deliveries. If your company is making scheduled/Routed deliveries that are time sensitive, this is the service for you. No matter what your specific needs may be, we can customize a solution that is efficient and cost effective, while helping you raise your level of productivity and customer service.


We can provide the most efficient and affordable pickup and delivery service on a prearranged schedule across town or between cities on a same day basis. We are experts in the routing field and have over 15 years experience with large volumes of routed work on a daily basis. We can handle all of your pickup and deliveries that ship on a regular timetable. Let our team of distribution professionals tailor a plan to meet your scheduled needs. We will save you time, while adding profits to your bottom line.


Dedicated Fleet Management


Have your own delivery fleet and management team without the high cost of maintaining an in-house delivery operation. AIP Delivery & Medical Logistics can provide you with the competitive advantage you need in today’s economy. We have the experience and knowledge to create a distribution solution that’s designed to meet your specific delivery needs. Our dedicated team can remove the headache of managing a delivery fleet so that you can concentrate on the business you know best! We will work directly with you and can even be located on-site complete with the technology that will allow our team to manage your delivery operations better.


This is a complete package of management services, professional couriers, custom tailored programs, and advanced route tracking systems, each designed to meet your specific business requirements. AIP Delivery & Medical Logistics offers you the control of an in-house operation without the headache or high cost of managing a delivery fleet of vehicles and employees. Again adding profit to your bottom line.


We provide the entire service team, who become experts of your operation and perform exclusively for you. Dedicated operations managers become part of your staff; working directly with you to continually assure that your delivery operation is running at peak performance and efficiency. Certification manuals and on-going interactive certification programs tailored to your specific policies and procedures are all part of this package.


Our fleet management services offer companies a high level of flexibility to meet the needs of their customers, while maintaining a reliable delivery schedule, at a reasonable cost. Whether you utilize a single driver or manage an entire fleet, we are the experts at designing a customized, efficient and cost effective solution for your business.


Eliminate the costly expense of maintaining employee drivers, company vehicles, and managers to manage the process, while maintaining control of your delivery process. As your partner, we assume management of the entire distribution process. Free yourself from the liabilities associated with having your own in-house fleet; such as the cost of accidents, injury, workers compensation, vehicle maintenance expense and insurance and the high cost of fuel.