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AIP Delivery & Medical Logistics is dedicated to providing a professional, prompt, and cost effective delivery service for companies and individuals that require efficient and timely same-day delivery services. Whether it is one envelope or a multiple stop route, we maintain the highest standards in customer service. At AIP Delivery & Medical Logistics we understand, that we are not only an extension of your company and your business, our success determines your success. We offer two levels of service to accommodate your time requirements and budget. Offering these two levels of service, Standard and Priority, we give you a clear understanding of how your delivery is being handled.


Same Day Standard


Available: Mon-Fri 6AM to 5PM

Delivered within 4 hours (plus drive time*)


Same Day Priority


Available: Mon-Sun 24 hours a day

Guaranteed direct non-stop service from pick-up point to delivery destination.


*Drive time is effected by the time of day, traffic, and weather conditions. Call for an estimated delivery time.


Court Filings


AIP Delivery & Medical Logistics’ entire staff is experienced in handling same-day court filing procedures. Whether your filing is in a Registry of Deeds, Land or Housing Court, Small Claims, Civil, Probate, County, State or Federal District court, our staff will handle it responsibly. If your filing is rejected for whatever reason, we will contact you before our driver leaves the Courthouse in order to make any corrections, if possible, to successfully complete the filing the same day.

Stamped file copies are returned as instructed to your firm, and confirmation calls of completed filings are made when requested.



AIP Delivery & Medical Logistics provides “subpoena service” to businesses and individuals with one of the best completion rates in the entire region. We are proactive in researching the activity of the locations to be served so that we are able to complete the service with minimal attempts, saving you and your firm time and money.


Medical Services AIP Delivery & Medical Logistics fully understands the time-critical nature of your business and have specific expertise in handling and transporting medical supplies. We provide same-day pick-up and delivery services to laboratories, hospital and physicians while offering a variety of additional delivery services. We have over 15 years experience in diagnostic specimen handling and transport, with a focus on routed, scheduled and STAT ambient, cooled and frozen specimens.


STAT Emergency Medical Services


AIP Delivery & Medical Logistics provides dedicated professional couriers providing non-stop STAT deliveries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As your dedicated partner, we make it easy. STAT orders can be submitted any time any day. Our dispatch center is fully staffed with responsive professionals to insure that we are here for you, when every minute counts.


Our On-Demand Delivery RATES


Our on-demand delivery rates begin at $2.30 per mile from pick-up to delivery terminus. Reduced rates are available based on volume. There are no extra charge fees for tolls, and no surprise fuel surcharges are added on after the service is provided. For new customers, your first business on-demand delivery (up to 25 miles) is FREE.